Painting Competition– June 2019 – Hero Of Legend

Our monthly painting competition from our hobby forum


Hail Might Hobby Lords

Every month we host a painting competition in our Hobby forum. The winner, chosen by members of the forum, as well as any other stand outs will go on to be featured across the 2ps social media and website.

Every 3 months we will ask the whole 2ps community to pick their favourite and award hobby goodies supplied by our good friends at Kirton Games – Wargames and Hobby superstore to the winner 🙂

If you are not a member of our Hobby Forum you can find it here

The painting competition for the month of JUNE is HERO OF LEGEND

Remember its any model, any range, so flex those brushes and let’s see what you have got!

Be Excellent to each other!

The 2Ps



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Congratulations to Rob Davis for this magnificent Obryn the Bold. It was fantastic watching this entry develop and the finished piece is a worthy winner.