Episode 14 Show notes

Our ramblings and show notes.


Welcome to the pod listeners

Our last one for 2017 and we had a blast recording it.


  • 0:02:52- ON THE HOBBY DESK – Dan has picked up a paint brush once more and Ben has been painting Orruks (Or is that orcs…)
  • 0:20:08-A GALAXY OF WAR – The Angels have arrived and Dan has a lot to say about audio books
  • 0:42:07-THE MORTAL REALMS – We discuss the portents and just how excited we are about the
  • 1:00:45-HAIL TO THE COMMUNITY – Ben has been to visit Trelawny’s Armies gaming club in Truro, Cornwall.
  • 1:14:42-INTO THE WILDS – Dan talks about Hobbyzone products in a somewhat excited tone :-)

A massive thank you to all our listeners for being part our hobby journey over 2017 and look forward to a lot more in 2018.

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