Episode 15 Show notes

Our ramblings and show notes.


HWAET! (See Beowulf) Mighty Listeners!
Sigmars Blessings to you all in the new year!

We hope you all had a fantastic national reset holiday, that your livers and stomachs are both challenged, and now rested!!

Let’s talk Wargaming!
Episode 15 is completed, despite a ridiculous amount of wind (unfortunately in places uneditable so sorry about that).

  • 0:02:29 – ON THE HOBBY DESK- We talk about hobby resolutions, works in progress and the fact Dan is back on the painting saddle!!
  • 0:31:42 – A GALAXY OF WAR – We discuss the new Custodes, Thousand sons, Daemons and more!
  • 0:56:19 – THE MORTAL REALMS – The Malign Portents have been revealed and we discuss our thoughts on them, as well as the Maggotkin
  • 1:18:24 – HAIL TO THE COMMUNITY – We raise our tankards to the Pro painted podcastTales of a Tabletop skirmisher, and Will Paints
  • 1:32:53 – INTO THE WILDS – We talk about Ticket to ride, the news about Mantics Hellboy game and a few other things

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See you there!!

The 2Ps

Many thanks to Bensound for the awesome music