EPISODE 25 show notes

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2P’s Episode 25 – The Aet, Skulls, Mighty robots, #bensrug, soul wars and Shades of Chaos

Hail Mighty Listeners!!

Welcome to our 25th episode. we are still having a hoot and we are very pleased to have you along for the ride!
Buckle up that drop harness, load your weapon of choice, grab some refreshments and prepare for another drop.

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The 2Ps



00:02:53: On the hobby desk: – Ben finishes a tonne of Space Wolves, builds some dreadnaughts and loses at blood bowl; Dan creeps forward with his Skullreapers and blasts through his Mordor Orcs

00:34:13: Galaxy of War: – A space wolf Codex is announced, We look at the Cawdor gang, The knight codex and a stop-sign-wielding xenos

01:06:00: The Mortal Realms: – The Soul wars are announced, we go through the massive list of releases!

01:34:54: Hail to the Community: – We discuss the Real Broken Fingers on Instagram, Adeptus Titanicus 2017 forum on facebook and run down the upcoming events.

01:49:37: Into the Wilds: – Ben sits down with Jon and Ross from Shades of chaos games. they talk about Outlands and the new bolt on rules, “how to be a bad ass”


On the hobby Desk

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Galaxy of War

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The Mortal Realms

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Hail to the Community

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Into the Wilds

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