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And welcome to episode 26!
Sorry we have been away for a little bit, but we are glad to be back and have recorded this one together, in Bens shed.

We have had a blast with this episode and also got to attend the rather cool Geekfest 4 festival, so a lot of fun.

We hope you are having an awesome time in the hobby, and enjoy episode 26…

The 2Ps

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00:03:05 –  ON THE HOBBY DESK-  Ben finishes of the characters from Dark Imperium box, tries his hand at a 2nd edition space marine and ploughs through the AOS1 box. Dan has some painting breakthroughs and finishes some units for his khorne army. And we find an old nemesis in a draw

00:35:21 – GALAXY OF WAR- Kill team, monopoly, old models and superb new scenery

01:00:14 – THE MORTAL REALMS- Soul wars, Stormcast, Magic and our thoughts on the new AOS 2

01:29:56 – HAIL TO THE COMMUNITY- Shout outs to Northfjorder Miniacal Pro-painted Scruby and Wells

01:45:00 – INTO THE WILDS- Model box, Drakerys and Geekfest 4


On the hobby Desk

Ben has been getting on with his space wolves, and one was even chosen to go on the GW website!

See the gallery below for the full range of pics.

II have been asked to do a painting guide on these so I will try my best to get one sorted for everyone

With the new boxed set out, Ben has been dedicated to getting the old one finished, stormcast are all done and so its the Khonre next… Some pics below. I tried to get a more realistic feel to them which I think worked well.


Dans Khorne

The wet pallette Dan mentions;

Dans new airbrush;

The terrible GW airbrush!

Related image

And how we feel about it!

The hobby zone painting desk Dan mentions;


Hail to the Community

Into the Wilds

Model box



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