EPISODE 28 – Show notes

Titanicus, Building scenery and getting the most with what you have to hand, Dan plays Outlands and a model so big its a weapon!


Hail Mighty Listeners!

And welcome to episode 28. We hope you’re having an awesome time in the hobby, Ben has certainly got excited about building his kill team scenery!! And Dan has rediscovered his love for foamcard!! Stay awesome! The 2Ps! Shout outs to IronsleetHouse Taranis owners club, Simon James LeeMike EmBen Howes, Bensound for the music


00:02:22- ON THE HOBBY DESK- Dan has been building Laketown on a budget, Ben finished his chainrasps and gets to grips with the killteam scenery. 00:24:30- A GALAXY OF WAR- We discuss our first impressions of Killteam, and our slight disappointment and genuine excitement about Titanicus 00:49:19- THE MORTAL REALMS- Ben talks about Stormstrike 01:07:03- HAIL TO THE COMMUNITY- We shout out he incredible Ironsleet and the thorn moons, A gathering of knights and run through the events calendar 01:18:32- INTO THE WILDS- Dan talks about Outlands, middle earth strategy battle game, a whopping great spaceship.


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On the hobby Desk

Bens finished chainrasps, the guide to how they were done is here

Dans Laketown!

Galaxy of War

Image result for warlord titan

The Mortal Realms

We look at the new releases and Ben talks about his impressions of Storm strike

Image result for storm strike

Hail to the Community

https://www.instagram.com/ironsleet/ #thornmoonscrusade www.ironsleet.com House Taranis owners club, Image may contain: one or more people Simon James Lee Mike Em                 https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=698584947170867&id=688000264896002

Into the Wilds