Hail Mighty Listeners

Episode 30! For those of you that have been with us from episode 1, Thank you for joining us on this incredible journey. For those just about to join us welcome…. and we are sorry LOL!!!

A lot of exciting stuff this episode and we can’t wait to share it with you. Enjoy.

Best wishes

The 2 P’s

Many thanks to for the awesome intro track, we still love it. And for the outro “viking”



00:02:55 – HOBBY DESK – Dan has been doing more LOTR, Ben has been doing a lot of Stormcast and we discuss what we know about chipping

00:38:38 – GALAXY OF WAR – Ben discussed his thoughts about the new Space wolf codex, we look at the new Canis knight hero, Rogue trader and Speed freaks

01:06:01 – THE MORTAL REALMS – Beastmen, Nightvault and we have a chat about Chaos

01:27:15 –  HAIL TO THE COMMUNITY – Our usual rundown on the local events and shout outs to the community

01:44:12 – INTO THE WILDS – Lord of the rings and Test of Honour


On the hobby Desk

Dans Titanicus scenery

Bens Stormcast

Dans Lord of the Rings Mordor…


Galaxy of War

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The Mortal Realms

Write the Introduction here

Hail to the Community


Into the Wilds