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Hail Mighty Listeners

Firstly we apologise for the long gap, but Ben travelled to watch the rainbow bridge so things have been tough to organise.
Secondly, It was fireworks night when we recorded this, so it sounds like the assault on black reach for some of it.
Lastly, because of our superior levels of technical genius, there is a fair bit of the episode recorded through our computer microphones rather than the actually half decent podcasting microphones. But it sounds pretty good despite this. Apologies!

We hope you have had a fantastic month while we have been away, Its good to be back. Stay awesome you mighty warmongers!!

The 2P’s


  • 00:02:56 – ON THE HOBBY DESK – Ben discusses his Titanicus box, and Dan talks about taking in the mighty Bloodthirster!
  • 00:28:11 – GALAXY OF WAR – Blackstone fortress, Dan gets excited about Chaos, Orks, Chapter approved and a few other gubbins
  • 00:49:35 – THE MORTAL REALMS – Dan gets excited about some blood puppies, we discuss the underworld releases and we look forward to the Moon Clan Grots
  • 01:08:48 – HAIL TO THE COMMUNITY –  Shout outs and the normal Callendar stuff- Check out upcoming events!
  • 01:30:13 – JOURNEY THROUGH MIDDLE EARTH – Getting started in LOTR and a look at upcoming releases.


On the hobby Desk

We discuss Bens Titanicus and Dans Bloodthirster, see the gallery below for photos

The MIG streaking pen;


Galaxy of War

Blackstone fortress

we have a long natter about this exciting upcoming release!

The curtain lifts and everything is revealed.We think this is a cracking boxed set, pretty cool rules to use…

Posted by 2 P's in a Pod on Sunday, November 4, 2018

A few more pics lifted from the blackstone video… squats… or ratlings? I dont think there is a single model I dont like. They are all wonderful.

Posted by 2 P's in a Pod on Friday, November 2, 2018

NEWSAnd mighty listeners its a…

Posted by 2 P's in a Pod on Friday, November 2, 2018

Chapter Approved

We discuss the Ork release as well

The Vigilus tease

Delaque and Necromunda releases

The limited edition Primaris Lieutenant

The Mortal Realms



The Moon Clan Grot tease

Now that’s a Squig! Awesome work in progress conversion from one of our regulars!

Posted by Kirton Games – Wargames and Hobby superstore on Sunday, November 4, 2018


Hail to the Community

Shout outs!

Tommie Soule –
His insights and thoughts on the hobby (and incredible painting) are always such an inspiration, Ben reflects on his recent metaphor about the community

Kyle Haydon –
Kyle recently entered our competition, Ben Highlights him in this episode for his incredible conversion work.

Tom Taylor Big –
We love the work Tom has been doing on his Harlequin Killteam

Damon Drescher –
Ben Highlights Damon for his wonderful Titans, an inspiration during his recent tian paints.

Adam Smith –
Dan highlights Adam for his wonderful Night lords dreadnaught which was posted in our hobby forum
The 2Ps Hobby forum
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JK Games –
One of the more prolific contributors on our hobby forum Jon Hammet has recently opened a store in Plymouth… He is also a fantastic hobbyist

Thanks also for the heads up on the sweater Jon!



Journey through Middle Earth

My LOTR Last Alliance force

The book I was talking about;