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Hail Mighty Listeners!!!

Welcome to episode 39! This week we haven’t been so busy on the hobby desk but a lot of plans for campaigns, a tonne of superb new releases to discuss and a product review of the fantastic Gondor at war book.

Thank you for joining us on our continued journey that is the 2Ps podcast!!

Grab some refreshments and let’s get to it!

Dan and Ben



Find what you are looking for with these munitorum approved time stamps…

  • 00:02:26 – ON THE HOBBY DESK- We discuss our hobby, mostly Goblins and Khorne.
  • 00:26:28 – GALAXY OF WAR – An INSANE amount of superb releases, we rattle through them and Dan needs to lie down after her watches a certain release video!
  • 00:48:55 – MORTAL REALMS – Dan talks us through some great practice games as he builds up momentum for an upcoming AOS tournament at BIG
  • 01:20:41 – HAIL TO THE COMMUNITY – We do our usual shout outs, run through our calendar
  • 01:39:17 – JOURNEY THROUGH MIDDLE EARTH – Ben reviews Gondor at War!



On the hobby Desk

Before we go any further…. this is the horror that was mentioned in the intro… I mean for the love of Sigmar…. HOW CAN ANYONE LIKE MUSHROOMS!!!

My response!!

Related image

Richard Grays incredible Naeve Blacktalon

No photo description available.

The Expanse!!

Dans carry tray

The deathknell watch

Image result for deathknell watch

The basing board Dan talks about


Galaxy of War

That Primaris video…

Las Vegas Open Warhammer Preview

Third edition obliterators!!

Image result for 3rd edition chaos obliterators

Image result for chaos obliterators


New Models, Games and Funko POP! at the New York Toy Fair

Image result for space marine heroes series 2



The Mortal Realms


We discuss my recent games including the launch of a Firestorm campaign


New releases for Flesh Eater Courts…



And of course the mighty Blades of Khorne!



Hail to the Community

Shouts this time go to:


Bebo Paints

Quarter Paint – 

From the Hobby Group:

Dave Harding’s Kill Team Board

Ian Craig’s Cawdor

The winners of the Arcane Power hobby group themed painting competition.

1st place – Rob Jones


2nd Place – Ross Barriball

3rd Place – Ben Chambers

Join the group here: The 2Ps Hobby Forum


Journey to Middle Earth

This week we discuss “Gondor at War” and it’s pretty awesome