Episode 4 Show notes

Our ramblings and show notes.


We’re back and this time in the same room!

Today we talk about:

  • 03:10 ON THE HOBBY DESK- what hobby we have got upto in the last two weeks. Yet more games have been played and we talk about the open war cards.
  • 23:20 A GALAXY OF WAR- We’ve got the Space Marine codex infront of us and are both excited and confused.
  • 45:40 THE MORTAL REALMS- Just what is shadespire and what do we think about the upcoming release of the generals handbook 2017
  • 01:19:55 INTO THE WILDS- Ben is rather excited by a new offering from Prodos, there’s some stuff about pirates and Dan gets a tad emotional about numbers.

There may also be a bit of a disagreement about the idea of traitor Ultramarines…

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