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Welcome to episode 43. Hope the wait wasn’t too bad!!

We have got together and recorded on the way up to Warhammer Fest. We do our usual little run down of impressions and goings on in the world of Games Workshop. As Warhammer Fest dominates this episode we have not really had time to fit in the wilds section- Sorry- but we do talk about the Middle earth news from Warhammer Fest.

The next episode will once more be in a month however we cannot be more specific this time because of the imminent arrival of a certain mini Jolly!!

Be excellent to each other and hope you enjoy the episode!

The 2 Ps



  • 00:02:50 – ON THE HOBBY DESK – We do our usual rundown of what we have been up to in the hobby
  • 00:37:14 – GALAXY OF WAR – Killteam, Necromunda, and Horus Heresy
  • 01:05:12- THE MORTAL REALMS – Slannesh, Warcry, and underworlds and Treemen
  • 01:32:21- HAIL TO THE COMMUNITY- We announce our competition winners and then chat about Warhammer Fest 2019 with Dan ‘9inchcharge’ and Tom the tank!


Hail to the Community

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