Episode 6 show notes

Our ramblings and show notes.



Us again and this week we talk about:

  • 02:30 ON THE HOBBY DESK –  What hobby we have got up to in the last two weeks. The Khorne forces have been crushed in the mortal realms and Ben’s Long Fangs are done!
  • 21:45 A GALAXY OF WAR – Necromunda is on the horizon and Ben has been converting Space Wolves.
  • 42:20 THE MORTAL REALMS – The most disgusting gardener ever and Dan gets a little excited about a new product (Yes really).
  • 57:30 HAIL TO THE COMMUNITY –  Ben heads down to Truro GamesWorkshop to take this show on the road.
  • 01:21:50 INTO THE WILDS – We talk about the new Star Wars miniatures game and Ben is asked to play test some rules.

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