Episode 19 – Show Notes

Our ramblings and show notes for episode 19


2P’s Episode 19 – Daemons princes, Orruks, Conquest and Community

You can find the episode here

Hail Mighty Listeners and welcome to Episode 19

As ever you can find the episode here;

We have put most of our efforts this week into Malign Portents and developing the website and community support pages within it. We really hope you enjoy these.

Have a cracking 2 weeks in the hobby and we will see you for the next planetary assault. But for now here is the Drop onto planet 19!!

The 2Ps


  • 00:01:51 ON THE HOBBY DESK – We discuss Dans Daemon prince, blood effects and Bens fledgling Orruk army
  • 00:25:19 GALAXY OF WAR – The release of the T imminent we take a look at the article in white dwarf, we also discuss the Iron Warriors and Dan gets excited about some Black library voices
  • 00:45:42 THE MORTAL REALMS – We discuss a game that Dan played, development of Bens Orruks and other bits
  • 01:05:46 HAIL TO THE COMMUNITY – We discuss our new community page (www.2psinapod.com/community) and give a run down of upcoming events
  • 01:19:30 INTO THE WILDS – We share our thoughts on the upcoming conquest magazine.


On the hobby Desk

Dans Daemon prince

We discuss Blood effects

The model by Proteus that we discuss

Here are some shots of my Orruk army;

Galaxy of War

Tau and the 5th sphere

Found it, it was on the Warhammer 40k facebook page!

Snow in the southwest!

The Mortal Realms

The incredible GUO I shared with Dan during the show.

Toni’s moss demon is finished. A different take on the GUO 💀

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Dans Game

Hail to the Community

Here is the link to the new community page…