Our ramblings and show notes.


Welcome to Episode 21 mighty listeners!

This episode is dedicated to the memory of Brand Shovlar. Thank you for bringing us all together. Your courage and dignity will not be forgotten Blood Claw. 


00:05:10 – ON THE HOBBY DESK – Lots of blood bowl, Ben finishes his malign portents army, and a few other bits

00:34:50 – GALAXY OF WAR – A brief overview of new releases, sisters of battle and we discuss Ashes of Prospero and what it revealed

01:02:48 – INTO THE WILDS – Idoneth deepkin, malign portents and a few other bits and pieces

01:25:01 – HAIL TO THE COMMUNITY – We run down the shizzle and dizzle of what the community is up to

01:38:46 – INTO THE WILDS – Lord of the rings, Star wars Legion and a little bit of fallout.

Have an awesome 2 weeks hobby and we will see you again soon.



Galaxy of War

Necrons and Druchari are in the process of being released and we ponder these and what we have seen allready

Knights, we chat about the current and upcoming releases

Below is the pics and links to the upcoming one

Breaking News: Major Reveals

Image result for new knight model 40k


We discuss the Sisters of battle news

Ashes of prospero – What a book! Available here https://www.blacklibrary.com/new-titles/featured/ashes-of-prospero-ebook.html

The Mortal Realms

Idoneth deepkin are soon to be with us and we look at the awesome Tides rule

Big spikey purple ball! https://youtu.be/fMMMEWlQdF0

The model we think is the black coarch https://youtu.be/upNYiJks28I

The goblin shadespire warband, we love this! Does anyone know who did them so we can credit please


Hail to the Community

Dont forget to visit our community page for callendars and club listings

Into the Wilds