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2P’s Episode 17 – A tribute to the best hobby desk, Winter tides, Malign portents, PAW2018, Outlands, Piston privateers, and a store is reforged

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Hail Mighty Listeners and welcome to Episode 17!!!

Been out and about, a few interviews, some guest speakers and a crazy Hobby desk, Enjoy!


  • 00:02:50- On the Hobby Desk: Orruks, Blood bowl, Ramshackle, Sly, Primaris and airbrushing!!
  • 00:31:00- Galaxy of War: A tonne of new releases and Dan chats with Ben Chambers and Tom Pedder-Smith about Winter tides at Bristol independent Gamers
  • 01:15:39- The mortal Realms: Malign Portents, we discuss our armies, the painting schedule and get rather excited about the future for AOS
  • 01:34:48- Hail to the Community: Ben chats about the Games Workshop Plymouth reopening and the Plymouth Association of Wargaming convention 2018
  • 01:45:47- Into the Wilds: We interview Ross from Shades of Chaos games about Outlands, then have a quick chat with Tom, the creator of Piston Privateers

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See you there!!

The 2Ps

Many thanks to Bensound for the music