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2P’s Episode 24 – The Orcs are finished, Ben wants a kiss from a Harlequin, The Realms are in upheaval and there’s something concerning hobbits…


HAIL Mighty Listeners!!

A year in and people are still with us! We are seriously considering medals. Welcome to our Birthday episode, we only just realised that just before we started recording, so we had nothing special planned!

So here it is…


  • 00:02:35 – ON THE HOBBY DESK: Dan has finished his Orcs and is still painting Red and Ben’s Space Wolves receive reinforcement
  • 00:29:58 – GALAXY OF WAR: Harlequins, Deathwatch and small to medium sized freaking robots!
  • 00:58:17 – THE MORTAL REALMS: We turn our honed tactical minds to the question of the new rules and the Stormcast has arrived!
  • 01:30:08 – HAIL TO THE COMMUNITY: A victory for Matt Lyons, AoS events galore and we announce our celebrity status
  • 01:50:16 – INTO THE WILDS: Bubbling chemicals, Starships, spikey balls and hobbits… pretty wild 😀

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Thanks for joining us for Episode 24

The P’s


On the hobby Desk

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Galaxy of War

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The Mortal Realms

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Hail to the Community

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Into the Wilds

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