Episode 29


Our ramblings and show notes.



Episode 29… There is so much going on that we are a bit like my son in toys r’ us for the first time! Wide eyed and overwhelmed LOL. We hope you’ve had a great few weeks, and you enjoy the new episode.

As ever, be sure to get in contact with feedback, questions or just if you fancy a hobby chat!

Moderati, fire up the plasma reactors and disengage the docking clamps, the Invictus two P-icus must walk, sound the warhorns!!!!

Stay awesome,

The 2 Ps

Shout outs too;
Ian Craig




  • 00:02:56 – ON THE HOBBY DESK – Ben finishes of his Nighthaunt, Dan grows his Lord of the rings army and we both start to tinker with Titanicus. Then we chat about weathering.
  • 00:34:58 – GALAXY OF WAR – Titanicus, Kill-team, Space Wolves
  • 00:55:04 – THE MORTAL REALMS – Slayers, and Fyreslayers, we consider a future for a small scale “kill team” esque game in the mortal realms
  • 01:13:58 – HAIL TO THE COMMUNITY – Our usual shout outs and calendar
  • 01:27:34 – INTO THE WILDS – Modipheus, Dune, Dwarven forge and a few other musings.


On the hobby Desk

We talk a little bit about weathering, which with a bit of luck we will turn into a video or painting guide at some point in the future.

Dans Titanicus scenery;

Dans LOTR project and Bens Night Haunt


Galaxy of War

We discuss the new releases for kill team, have a first look at some of the new space wolf sneak peaks and have a chat about our first thoughts about titanicus.


The Mortal Realms

We have been asked to talk a bit about the old world and the things we like about it. We love the old world, but we love the mortal realms as well. So what we have started to do is look at the past and how that is reflected in the current setting.

If you want us to cover a specific topic, please let us know

This time we look at slayers….

Image result for slayers warhammer

Hail to the Community

Ben has picked out a few space wolf creating hobbyists that he likes and has not yet mentioned

Ian Craig

for his fantastic kill team


For his relentless enthusiasm about the wolves, especially in 30k

We go through a few posts from our hobby forum, Thank you so much for helping to grow that space and creating a great hobby environment;


Into the Wilds