Episode 32

Our ramblings and show notes.


Hail Mighty Listeners

What an awesome bunch you are, thank you for the support you have shown us on Patreon, and via PM. We are back for our thirty second instalment of hobby insanity, and we had a load of fun doing it.
The hobby is in such an amazing place right now that the hardest thing is trying not to be distracted by everything new and shiny that catches our eye.
We genuinely hope this finds you well, enjoying life and having an awesome time in the hobby.

Live long and prosper!
The 2Ps!

Many thanks to Bensound.com for the awesome intro track, we still love it. And https://filmstro.com for the outro “viking”


00:02:54 – ON THE HOBBY DESK – Dan has been painting his titan, and Ben has been the great LOTR constructathon, we conclude our pontifications on weathering
00:38:24 – GALAXY OF WAR – Orktober, is here, sort of. We look at the new 500 store anniversary models, warhounds and what games work best in a short timeframe
01:05:11 – THE MORTAL REALMS – Nightvault, cards stress Ben out, and we look at the new Hidden agendas rules
01:39:46 – Our normal run down on the community, looking at upcoming events and awesome work that has caught our eye.
02:01:19 – Fighting Sail, massive sea battles, a spot of history and Samurai! And at one point it sounds like an ork deathcompta flies over


On the hobby Desk

Below is the usual gallery of our antics

Here is a link to Marcus Reilly https://www.instagram.com/taegmar/?hl=en and his fiends

Galaxy of War

The orkish Viper!

The anniversary models;

500th Store – A Global Celebration!

Unleash the Warhounds!



The Mortal Realms

The new “Hidden Agendas” rules

A New Kind of Matched Play Scoring

Dan Wosley – Celestial Hurricanum

Dans Bloodthirster Bomb Idea