Episode 38 – Show notes

Our ramblings and show notes.


Hail Mighty Listeners!!

Roll up! Roll up! Ladies and Gents the 2Ps are proud to present…. Episode 38!

Straight back from PAW (Plymouth association of wargamers 2019) event and we recorded our latest instalment, once more in the same room (we are so used to recording together now, it will feel weird doing it over the phone again)!

We are very pleased to present a cracking interview with Jon Askham who is part of the team organising the “Roll Dice” event in Bristol this summer. This was really exciting and we are now really looking forward to this event, so I hope after listening you will be too.

We talk about a load of stuff this week in our usual ramble through the crazy, magnificent world of miniature wargaming!

Have a cracking time in the hobby, we hope you dice roll sixes and you paintbrushes stay as pointy as an elven spear.

The 2Ps



  • 00:02:35 – ON THE HOBBY DESK – Khorne blood puppies (Flesh hounds), a stompy robot (Redemptor Dread) A flying brick (Stormfang) an amazing Patreon (Mezgike) and a bit on basing and when to do it
  • 00:29:38 – GALAXY OF WAR – The avenging angel has arrived… and he has divided opinion (but not ours), Urban Conquest, and a tonne of superb Necromunda releases
  • 00:57:09 – INTO THE MORTAL REALMS – Gloomspite Gitz are finally in Bens hands and Dan talks about his plans for an upcoming AOS tournament
  • 01:27:10 – HAIL TO THE COMMUNITY – We give our usual shout outs, and then Interview Jon Askam from Roll dice
  • 02:10:08 – INTO THE WILDS – MUNCHKIN!!!!!


On the hobby Desk

We discuss our projects, photos below for your viewing pleasure!

Galaxy of War

No photo description available.

Image may contain: shoes


The Mortal Realms

We discuss Ben’s excitement about the Gloomspite Gitz and how he intends to link them in with his Orruks

No photo description available.

Dan is going to another tournament with the hope of not coming last this time


Lastly we discuss Dan’s upcoming plans to play Mordheim,  the link with all rules is:



Hail to the Community


This week shout outs go to

Rods Mods – https://www.instagram.com/rods.mods/

and youtube producers

Miniac – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrTkWZb_-iNPzknoQeVkH1g

Lukes APS – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsmD5774MOQhjYBkXqu3Jdw

and Mike Ingram’s Patreon


From the 2P’s hobby group Dan picks out:

A fantastic mixed order army from Tim Barklay

Image may contain: plant and outdoorImage may contain: plant and outdoorImage may contain: shoes, plant and outdoor

Image may contain: outdoor

Rob Davis and his fantastic Godsworn hunt tribesman

No photo description available.

We also discuss January’s “Arcane Power” competition and February’s “Grime” theme

Check out the hobby group here:


This week we got the chance to speak to Jon Askham from “Roll Dice Gaming” about the upcoming Bristol event including the Bristol open.  it sounds like it will be awesome so check it out here:



Into the Wilds


Munchkin Dungeon

Armies, Legions and Hordes

Armies & Legions & Hordes

Terrain Crate from Mantic – http://www.manticgames.com/mantic-shop/terrain-crate.html

Dungeon DebrisTreasury