Our ramblings and show notes.


Hail Mighty Listeners!!

Welcome back and thank you for bearing with us. Lots of Life got in the way and, after all that Jazz we have found time and space to hobby and record.

We spend 150 minutes going through stuff, getting salty about transfers, ridiculously excited about Aelves, and much more.

Bit of a catch-up, bit of getting back into the swing, a lot of laughing.

Grab some refreshments, get your hobby projects out, and get ready… its the 2 Ps




  • 00:03:06 – ON THE HOBBY DESK – Our hobby desks have been a little sparse but we still find 30 mins of gibber to jabber
  • 00:35:57 – GALAXY OF WAR – We try not to just work through all the releases, and cherry-pick what we really like…. and end up going through most of the releases. #notsorry
  • 01:06:37 – THE MORTAL REALMS – Aelves, a magazine of disappointment, warcry, and Throne of skulls
  • 01:31:22 – HAIL TO THE COMMUNITY – We do our usual run-through of the epic stuff we have seen on our travels through cyberspace and the real world.
  • 02:05:48 – INTO THE WILDS



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