Episode 53

Our ramblings and show notes.



We have been busy and lots to talk about.

Most importantly, in these rather rubbish times, we wish you all well and hope this finds you safe and happy.

Be excellent to each other

The 2 Ps



  • 00:01:58 – ON THE HOBBY DESK – Ben builds, well…. everything, Dan really gets his batch painting badge!
  • 00:40:37 – GALAXY OF WAR – Psychic awakening… books 7, 8 and 9 eeek An Angelic primarch and some utter heretics
  • 01:01:16 – INTO THE MORTAL REALMS – The Lumineth divide opinion and we speculate about an army of giants
  • 01:27:56 – HAIL TO THE COMMUNITY – We spread some love about the wonderful wargaming community.
  • 01:56:03 – LORD OF THE WILDS – or is it the Wilds of middle earth, Bad squiddo, fogou models, Fenris games and of course the new Middle earth releases