Episode 7 Show notes

Our ramblings and show notes.


Welcome back to the pod!

This week we talk about:

  • 02:45 ON THE HOBBY DESK – What hobby we have got upto in the last two weeks. The Khorne forces have been joined by Skull cannons and Ben has built some Chaos models!
  • 23:25 A GALAXY OF WAR – We discuss the 30th anniversary marine, deathguard and codex’s yet to come.
  • 47:45 THE MORTAL REALMS – Dan has lost again and we discuss the 3 ways to play.
  • 01:14:10 HAIL TO THE COMMUNITY – Ben has entered a painting competition and we discuss “Warhammer Heroes”
  • 01:21:00 INTO THE WILDS – The Fallout miniatures gets Ben rather excited.

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