Supporting the Wargaming community

wargaming is all about community

We believe that the wargaming community is awesome. Whether it’s online on social media, or in a local club or vets night, the support, encouragement, sharing of ideas and skills and sense of camaraderie is almost universally there.  Our hobby is a social one, even though we have all likely spent hours painting our models, sat on our arses on our own.

During the COVID-19 pandemic many events and conventions will close. Traders and friendly local gaming stores often rely on these events for many things. To promote their product, fund development of new ones, keep stores open on the highstreet etc.

We have been trying to think of a way we can help them out and came up with the virtual wargaming convention

What we intend to do is promote, every day, a business that would have been an exhibitor at a local or national convention or event. We will also promote as many local venues as me can, spreading out as far as we can from the southwest.

We also intent to record special podcasts where we will explore all the exhibitors at a convention to release for the date of the convention so that people can sit down and listen along while they explore what would have been on offer.

Follow along with the #vitualwarcon hashtag to keep up

All the best,

Dan and Ben (The 2Ps)


The following is a list of all the exhibitors due to come to events and conventions in the coming months. We have organised them into categories and given a brief description to help people find what they are looking for. Some companies produce lots of different products so don’t be surprised if you see a company twice. We will be updating this regularly over the coming months so please check back often.

Those companies in Bold and or Italics we have shouted out on Twitter, where if you search the #virtualwarcon you will find some more of our musings on them. We hope to get through the whole list.

Please take the time to look through, check out those you may not have heard of, you may find something awesome you weren’t expecting! Have fun!


Scenery and Terrain

Wanderlight Games – – Carry cases and scenery

Versatile Terrain –  Name plates for miniatures@VT_Terrain

Archon Studio – Modular terrain systems @StudioArchon

Table war – – Battlemats @TableWarDesigns

The Fifth Trooper – – Battlemats

Warcradle – – MDF terrain @warcradlestudio

Death Ray Designs – – Mainly MDF Sci fi @DeathRayMinis

Unipolar Games – – Neoprene flat terrain for games like Warmachine

Mats by Mars – – Game Mats and neoprene bases 

Miniature building authority – – A huge selection of scenery, mainly ‘real world’

Black site studio – Pre painted MDF and other

Dwarven Forge –

Laser Craft Workshop –

TT Combat –

Mantic games –

Gaming Aids

Squad Marks – Base add ons to differentiate squads @SquadMarks

Versatile Terrain – 

Tectonic Craft Studios Movement trays and dials/counters

Norse Foundry – Dice Coins and Counters

Gaddis Gaming – – Table bumper with inbuilt storage

Death Ray Designs – – Movement trays and accessories

Unipolar Games – – Customise your own tape measure, and more

Games Workshop –

Modelling Products

Elrik’s Hobbies –

Gale force Nine –

Scale 75 – A huge range of paints

The army painter –

Huge miniatures –

Tectonic Craft Studios – Storage racks etc

Janes tools – tools etc

Game Envy – – Painting handles and more

Secret Weapon – a huge range of weathering, sculpting and other hubby products

Artis Opus – – Beautiful brushes

Badger Airbrush – – Airbrushes

Games and Gears – – Hobby tools

Games Workshop –


Wanderlight Wargames – 

Battle foam – – Cases and foam inserts

Mini Master Werks – upcoming kickstarter for hobby transport system

Table war – – Tower cases

Rules Sets

Winged Hussars Publishing –

Crocodile Games –

Arena Rex –

Firelock Games –

Anvil Eight –

Catalyst Game Labs – including battletech and shadowrun

Corvus Belli Makers of Infinity

Dust USA – Dust- Post modern Alt future wargame

Modiphius – – Multiple roleplaying and skirmish rulesets

Gaddis Games – – GUARDS universal rules

GCT Studios – – Bushido

Warcradle – – Wild west exodus etc

Relic Blade –

Spectre Miniatures – – Modern day combat with an excellent miniatures range

Mantic games – – Wargames and models

Archon Studio –

Metal Neko Games –

DGS Games – – Freeblades

Slow death games – – wild in the streets

Wyrd Games – – Creators of Malifaux

Privateer Press – – Warmachine and Hordes

Fantasy Flight Games – – Xwing and so many more.

Steam Forged – – Guildball etc oh and cute animal roleplaying miniatures

Warlord – Everything Historical

Games Workshop – The grandparent 

TT Combat – – Dropzone, Dropfleet and Rumbleslam


Historic Wargaming

Winged Hussars Publishing –

Firelock games – Blood and plunder, pirate age wargaming

Gorgon Studios –

Knuckle Duster Miniatures- – Wild west miniatures

Wargamer LLC – 

The Wargaming Company – – Small scale napoleonics etc

Gripping Beast – – Mainly Early medieval

Flames of War – – WW2 

Sea Dog Game Studios – – Boats, ships and rules to use them

Gaddis Games – 28mm WW2

Michigan Toy Soldiers – – Independent stockist of historical miniatures

Spectre Miniatures – – Modern age miniatures.

Trenchworx – – WW1 and WW2 vehicles

Warlord –

Crucible Crush –

Fantasy Miniatures

Crocodile Games –

Arena Rex –

Forge World – – Resin models for Age of Sigmar

Gorgon Studios –

Creature Caster – large miniatures- Mostly creatures

Catalyst Game Labs

Modiphius – – Skyrim

GCT Studios – – Fantasy Japanese/Samurai

Warcradle – – Mythos

Impact Miniatures – – A huge variety, best browsed

Relic Blade – – Skirmish and roleplaying miniatures

DGS Games – – For the game ‘Freeblades’, but have universal appeal

Wyrd Games – – Malifaux 

Steam forged – – Animal characters and fantasy football

Mantic Games –

Fantasy Flight games –

Reaper Minis – – First port of call for many looking for a roleplaying model

Games Workshop –

TT Combat – A selection of quirky fantasy miniatures

Sci Fi miniatures

Forge World – – Produces resin models for Games workshop

Anvil Eight –

Creature Caster – large miniatures- Mostly creatures

Catalyst Game Labs – such as battletech

Infinity Games – – Infinity miniatures, Mecha/anime style scifi

DUST USA – – Mechs and Post modern alt future models

Modiphius – – Fallout, Star trek and more

Warcradle – – Wild West Exodus etc

Impact Miniatures – A huge variety, best browsed

Victoria Miniatures – – Superb range of futuristic human infantry and bits

Archon Studio –

Privateer Press – – Warmachine, steam punk battle suits etc

Fantasy flight games – – A wonderful range of Star Wars figures

Reaper  Minis – – Smaller than their fantasy range but worth a look

Games Workshop – Grimdark, Warhammer 40k

TT Combat – Small scale vehicles and infantry


Roleplaying games

Witch born –

Anvil Eight –

Modiphius – – Star Trek, Fallout and more

Atlas Games –

D Versy Publishing –

Mythica Gaming – – Largely free online content

Fantasy flight games – – Including Star Wars 

Steam Forged – – Animal adventures

Board games & Card Games

Witch Born –

Archon Studio – such as wolfenstein

Steve Jackson Games – – Munchkin and more

Chip Theory Games – Quirky board and tabletop games

Atlas Games –

D Verse –

Lost Battalion Games – WW2

Giga Robo –

Fantasy Flight Games – – A huge catalogue

Mythica Gaming –

Asmodee –

Games Workshop – never without a miniature, games include blackstone fortress and underworlds

Panda Cult games –

Independent stockists US

A very hard list for us to be comprehensive with, there are so many. These were the ones at Adepticon 2020;


CMO Games –

Muse On –

The Phalanx Consortium –

Broken egg games –

Badger Games –

Grognard Games –

Dice Dojo –

Dice Heads –

Game Plus –

Independent stockists UK

Apparel and Misc

Tagged Events – – Events merch such as trophies and branded items

Xenomorphic Press – – Art prints

Modcube – – To be revealed. Keep an eye open

Da Sue Dragon – – Leatherwork products such as dice bags

Mystik Waboose Clothier –

Savage Sparrow –

Geek Nation Tours – – Tours

Asmodee – 

Armour Class 10 – – T shirts etc

Julios Workshop – – Custom built gaming furniture


Painting Tutors and Services

Black Knight Enterprises –

GMM Studio –

Siege Studios – – Commission painters and tutors.

The Art of Wargaming Miniatures –

Death Ray Designs –

Den of Imagination –

Castle Brush –

Stiff neck Studio –

News, Channels and Podcasts

Spikey Bits –

Bell of Lost Souls –

Freebooters Network –


Exhibitors from Salute 2020

1st Corps/Curteys Miniatures –

4Ground Limited –

ABC brushes –

Accent UK Comics –

Agema Miniatures –

All Rolled Up-

Anarchy Models –

Ancient & Modern/Donnington Miniatures –

Anvil Industry Ltd –

Archon Studio –

Art of War Shirts –

Art of War Studios –

Atlantis Miniatures –

Baccus 6mm –

Bachmann Europe (Woodland Scenics) –

Bad Squiddo Games –

Bandua Wargames –

Barwell Body Works –

Battlefront Miniatures –

Battle Systems Ltd –

Battlezone Miniatures –

Bears Head Miniatures – 

Bicorne Miniatures –

Black Scorpion Miniatures –

Blotz –

Brigade Models Ltd –

Caliver Books –

Colonel Bills –

Crann Tara Miniatures –

Creature Caster –

Crocodile Games –

Crooked Dice Game Design Studio –

The Cultural Experience –

Dark Sphere –

Debris of War –

Deep-Cut Studio –

DMB Games –

Eagle Figures – 

Element games –

Elite Wargames and Models / Sgts Mess –

Empress Miniatures –

Eureka Miniatures –

Essex Miniatures –

Exit 23 Games –

Fenris Games –

Footsore Miniatures and Games Ltd –

Full Metal Miniatures –

Games & Gears LLP –

Gaming Solutions –

GCT Studios –

Geek Villain Limited –

Goblin King Games –

Goya Games –

Great Art –

Great Escape Games –

Gringo 40’s –

Ground Zero Games –

Gripping Beast Ltd –

Hasslefree / Artemis Blacks / Red Box games –

Helion and Company Publishing –

Heroes of the Dark Age –

Heroics and Ros Ltd –

Hitech Miniatures –

Iron Gate Scenery –

Kallistra – 

Ken Trotman Ltd –

Kraken Wargames –

KR Multicase –

Last Man Last Bullet –

Leisure Games –

Lesleys Bits Box –

Loke Battlemats –

Magister Militum –

Magnetic Displays/Coritani –

Mantic Games –

Marquee Models –

Master Crafted Miniatures –

Micro Art Studio –

Mierce Miniatures Ltd –

Mighty Lancer Games – 

Miniature Wargames Magazine / Warner Group Publications –

Model Display Products –

Modiphius Entertainment Ltd –

No More Damsels –

Northumbrian Tin soldier – 

Oakbound Studio –

Oathsworn Miniatures –

Offensive Miniatures – 

Old Glory UK –

Oshiro Model Terrain –

Osprey Games –

Paul Meekins Books –

Pendraken  Miniatures/ Minibits –

Perry Miniatures –

Peter Pig –

Pig Iron Productions –

Playmats EU –

Products For Wargamers –

Pworks Wargames SRLS –

Red Eagle Miniatures –

Reiver Castings / Northumbrian Painting Services –

Renedra Ltd –

Rubicon Models –

Sally 4th –

Sarissa Precision –

Siege Studios –

Simple Miniature Games –

SK Miniatures –

Spectre Miniatures –

Sphere Products Ltd –

Studio Miniatures –

Tablescape – 

Table Top Tyrant –


The Dice Shop Online (Squashgoblin Ltd) –

The Extraordinary Laser Company –

The Plastic Soldier Company –

The Scene –

The Square –

TimeCast – 

Titan Wargames –

Too Fat Lardies –

Tritex Games Ltd –

TT Combat / Troll Trader –

Tumbling Dice –

Twilight Miniatures –

Uncertain Scenery –

Urban Construct –

Victrix Limited –

Warbases – –

Warfare miniatures –

Wargamer PL –

Wargames Foundry –

Wargames Illustrated –

Warlord Games –

Warmonger Miniatures Ltd –

Warploque Miniatures –

War World Ltd –

Wayland Games

West Wind Productions & Forged in Battle –

Word Forge Games –

Zinge Industries –






Map of clubs and stores in the South West

A map of all the friendly local gaming stores, hobby shops, clubs and Games Workshops that we know of.

If you run a store or club and you are not on this map, send us a message and we will add you.

Events Calendar

We try and keep this calendar as up to date as we can, but we sometimes miss things, we hope you find it helpful in planning your hobby!

If you are running an event and it’s not on there, fear not! contact us using the form at the bottom of the page and we will put it on for you.

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